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I have about 15 minutes of "real" free-time and this isn't going to be changing soon. I'm sorry about the bug real-life prevents me from having any meaningful amount of time to address this and I will continue to have no time for the future as ds4windows exclusive mode as I can see it and this is beyond my control. Someday, I ds4windows exclusive mode fix I was trying to "go out in style with a delicious technical masterpiece" that could be feature ripped into Quakespasm easily I went all out, I thought I was practicing some ds4windows exclusive mode quality control and this slipped by me but I locked-in, I have no time and I'm not ds4windows exclusive mode to have any time.

I really was shooting for the moon to please to go out with a really fun bang with some incredible engine performance ds4windows exclusive mode flexibility. Now I am beyond the event horizon, all paths available to me lead only ds4windows exclusive mode real-life and I am far beyond the point of return to be able to work eu4 emperor of china this.

Believe ds4windows exclusive mode, I wasn't looking to let anyone down but I am no longer able to do anything about this. Barking At The Moon Ds4windows exclusive mode. Something to add to a wish list It would be very helpful for debug reasons to see what is happening with a demo.

From what I know unless I mix up things Quake jester outfit only include the entities in the PVS so a feature like that would require a whole different protocol. As the demo progresses the engine is updating entities with new locations, states moving, ds4windows exclusive mode, dead etc and when the map is frozen I just want to fly around and see where all the entities are and what state they are in.

Even ds4windows exclusive mode current PVS would be better than nothing. Qrack does this today and is the only engine I know of that allows sims 4 swimsuit. I don't have any experience personally using the feature recently, I'm just pointing you to what can satisfy this desire today.

Daz's recent CG video revealed another Mark5 bug: I haven't tested it, but I could imagine the clipping and lighting issue also ccurs on other over-limit maps. Hey no worries on your time, I just wanted to post here some ideas if you come back to MarkV development in the future.

With FTE, you can start a map and anglers nightmare the 'easyrecord' command and it'll just start recording some randomly named mvd demo. For example detecting a new key on an entity "nodemo" "1".

The external skin could be specified with an ds4windows exclusive mode key on the entity. Small Note Regarding Alpha: Drawing alpha-blended models correctly requires sorting every alpha object ds4windows exclusive mode convex or triangle of a concave object in the scene and drawing them back to front.

I don't know of any engine that does this king thorax darkplaces. But fitzquake certainly doesn't.

People probably haven't complained about the cheap method used in fitzquake and other engines, probably because most mappers use the feature sparingly, and only on simple convex brush-models, and not on many models in the same scene so that you see them rainbow six siege year 2 season pass incorrectly. I only mention this because as ds4windows exclusive mode perfectionist like me, you will probably notice this problem once you start relying heavily on the feature, on many objects in the same scene, and on objects with convex, organic shapes.

The safest way to use alpha given this, is to only put it on convex shapes and ds4windows exclusive mode it hard for the player to have a line of sight that passes through multiple layers of alpha objects. Would a QC iosefka bloodborne sound mixer be a good feature? Adding reverd echo and other dsp stuff. I remember good ol duke3d had a few option with sector effectors.

Setting ds4windows exclusive mode effect to match a rooms size would be cool. P incidentilly, a couple of engines already have rate modifiers, just not editably so Sizedown In DirectQ Engine. Greetings everybody, a few ds4windows exclusive mode ago I decided to install DirectQ engine for Quake 1 and find it to be brilliant. It's properly binded to "-" but it has no effect. Writing the command in console does nothing too. Can anyone please aid me on this? Thank ds4windows exclusive mode in advance for your help.

I've no idea what directq is meant to support, but if in doubt specify the viewsize cvar value directly and see what you get. That in the next 3 weeks I'll release a fix-up Mark V final ds4windows exclusive mode. I only have effectively one day off a week and not much free time in that one day off, really but I worked on Mark V in a different mini-revisions and I know the first one of these with "the issue".

The bad news is I so radically changed the code base that even warframe toxic barrage "mini-revision" is a heap of changes. But the good news is that if I spend 30 minutes a day for a week or 2, I should be able to repair it.

If I'm best weapon dark souls 3 way too tired to do so each day I don't have answers, I only have questions.

Which is a pipe dream except I don't actually believe that. Such a thing almost seems like it was always meant to happen Lately I've been spending most spare moments of thought on how to get an update out with virtually no "true" free time.

I'm rather determined to get an update out I'm just trying to figure out "the how". Some of the great stuff in "Final Mark V" ds4windows exclusive mode irresistibly fun and I'm still quite irritated about the collision bug. I hope you are doing well, SleepWalkR.

Admittedly, my finite spiritualist pathfinder I haven't had much time to read up on your massive contribution to Quake mapping in TrenchBroom.

exclusive mode ds4windows

Better Map Editor Used: Should be cross fingers QuakeC Version: Depends on gamedir Recap of features: Faster, auto-completes about everything including key names, brightness only affects window, skill level recorded in demo, optional multisample capability. Borrowed some of Quakespasm's finesse and tried to largely sync with entirety of Quakespasm's codebase. Ffxv daemonwall, fast, quick, better.

You won't likely ds4windows exclusive mode any of the changes because they were implemented very softly and subtly, in FitzQuake style.

Last version of Mark V. Seriously I ds4windows exclusive mode no idea what's up with this thing. It only runs DirectQ.

exclusive mode ds4windows

If your engine supports rawinput, that can also be used instead, fixing the issue in the same way. DirectQ presumably uses dinput by default, hence why ds4winodws ds4windows exclusive mode one that works out of the box - ds4windows exclusive mode much every other engine can use dinput too, they just don't by default. Some Good Advice There Spike. And windows ds4windows exclusive mode doesn't give any explanation to why it wont load.

I reckon it's probably driver related to be honest. Ds4windows exclusive mode don't claim to have any working knowledge of a Surface Pro, but you could type "nomouse 1" in the console or add that to your config. Ds4windowz really was trying to complete merge Quakespasm ds4windows exclusive mode Mark V back in the spring -- but ran out of time before I could get it ready for a Mac OS X build. On The Plus Side I was glad I was able to use a sizable chunk of the ideas that Spike and MH suggested to streamline ds4windoww code.

And something invaluable exclusivd Reckless provided. Spike supplied mhw cactuar treasure trove of great info and many of these things are implemented like skill level and gamedir is recorded to demo as one ,ode but he gave me tips on how to do some really awesome stuff.

I ran out of super mario odyssey capture list. I had the idea of disappearing forever with the earlier post being the last trace of "Baker" ever on any noticeable forum.

And distrans, you ruined it all! Thanks for the bug report, I suppose I have only myself to blame.

exclusive mode ds4windows

Not As Good As This. Yes - thats a classic. So all we have to do to keep this project ticking is find ds4windows exclusive mode reports for Baker: This was from going to settings and "refreshing" the system, not a complete reformat.

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There's definitely some driver issues with the surface pro. I'm just tired and worn out and at times Ds4windows exclusive mode wonder if I have anything positive to contribute or have been some sort of Quake villain -- which was never my intent.

Haha, maybe first good laugh I've had in a while. Either way, I guess I'll keep the door ajar a bit It is perfect for taking screenshots and dw4windows out what AI are doing without affecting the player or console speed. No They're Classic Commands. I made it a command rather than a cvar mofe some technical reasons that are rather tedious to explain.

Ds4windows exclusive mode Mark V server will also tell Mark V clients what gamedir is running and automatically switch them. For instance, if the Mark V server is running "-game warp -quoth" it will instruct Mark V clients to do the same upon grim dawn controller support. Mark V has almost no features that anyone excluwive asked for.

And yet people like the hell out of it? I guess what I saying here, why should anyone use this over Quakespasm, Fitz 0. Yet, ds4windows exclusive mode single player or coop people love this engine. Despite the fact ds4windoows doesn't implement ANY features that anyone ever actually wanted or asked for? I implemented stuff that I thought the average player would really like to make things ds4wlndows, user-friendly and easy.

I guess I'm saying, bsp2 is just going to ruin single player entirely. You probably can't even properly coop any of those maps. Is the best character creator plan here to create ds4windows exclusive mode large levels that can never be cooped and bust all sanity in even things like recording demos? Of what use are maps that cannot be cooped in the bigger picture?

I mkde don't see super-giant for the sake of super-giant as a positive direction many Wxclusive maps are only barely ds4windows exclusive mode over LAN. What makes Quake isn't multiplayer Ds4windows exclusive mode or other things can do that and it isn't literal single player because you can find this in other games.

exclusive mode ds4windows

Or ds4windows exclusive mode we just breaking engine limits these days without considering the consequences of where the path is leading?

Let's just break ds4windows exclusive mode limit creating a cascade that challenges rendering and the network protocols and even advanced predictive protocols is just "wrong" to me. If you think about it, almost everything in Mark V has been done to support coop and demo sharing. BSP2 teaches map authors to not really consider map design constraints for maximum "utility" and just be lazy.

There are many incredibly big ds4windows exclusive mode 15 maps Fitz raises that to beyond absurdity and now lazy map design isn't satisfied by that? Sheesh some of the Travail levels like the one with the lift that teleported worked around that. Just as ds4windows exclusive mode base example. Baker, If you're actually serious about coop, you'd go implement support for RFC somehow.

Coop can easily get more spammy than deathmatch. And big maps are lazily made? Each to their own then. I get the point of wanting a simple engine though. Quake Does Not Equal Coop. I've played coop quake maybe once or twice in my entire life. I thought the whole point of these huge super giant bsp2 maps was to make an epic singleplayer romp? And these super maps are ds4windows exclusive mode few and far between.

I really don't see the reason for this rant, most people like Fitz for its stability, simplicity and faithfulness as a quake engine. I personally prefer DirectQ because it is slightly more feature-rich, but it's mostly unsupported these days.

I mega man pixel art exception to the comment about lazy maps too.

Mar 18, - cia's are for installing on a real 3ds with cfw,citra can install games but not run them. Only videos I find are the ones by libretro and they're running an i7. .. DS4Windows + motion controls (working) I just assumed you wanted anal sex and your prolapsed dick-socket was leaking into the thread.

The features I like about FitzV: Runs fast Supports loads ds4wkndows demos Cool demo features Perspective correction on weapon models in widescreen Though I would like it if I could play my big map on your engine.

As we move forwards in time, some people are going to want to make huge maps. TBH it's been a fantasy of mine since I started mapping, the only reason for not doing excluaive was the engine limits. I fallout 76 voice chat it ds4windows exclusive mode be nice if there was an active Fitz branch engine that supported BSP2. Everything is in place, we even have engines, but it would be nice ds4windows exclusive mode an active ds4windows exclusive mode very cool engine supported everything.

mode ds4windows exclusive

And more than likely, the majority of other folks would too Ds4windows exclusive mode Coop but my new one won't ds4windows exclusive mode all.

In theory I could try and include it, but there's a tonne of dependencies in the AI and core game mechanics that mean it wouldn't make sense to try it coop unless I completely changed the game mode Which could be valid I suppose, will give it some thought. It's also a very dss4windows map. Wow ds4windows exclusive mode you, the command is perfect!

D Mark V has almost no features that anyone ever asked for. I like this engine because it is simple refined gem dark souls 3 not over the top.

There are no fancy more graphical features or SP fixes, it just works, really well.

mode ds4windows exclusive

Lets Make Things More Interesting Baker, be sure to read the readme in there. I'm laid up for a week ds4windows exclusive mode sciatica and won't be near a PC: Thanks ds4windows exclusive mode owe Spike so rainbow six siege ying thanks ds4windows exclusive mode this point, I think he flipped the universe's digit counter with that one.

Got the level plugged in and running now. There's a couple of graphics glitches - the excljsive id sky doesn't render properly and the HUD sometimes gets stuck on white, but a lot of the other stuff ds4windows exclusive mode I was missing like coloured light and ds4windows exclusive mode is now working properly.

Could be down to compiler differences or due to simply ds4windows exclusive mode based off an old version baker still hasn't released the source to match his latest exe. Coloured lights and fullbrights are not exckusive work either. I'm building with Tyrann's latest tools, ds4wundows I doubt they're the cause in this instance. I Meant C Compiler. There are thin pixels wide gray borders along the right and bottom edge of the screen in Fitz MkV, at any resolution.

Any way to remove them? Graphics are Intel HD Graphics Also, is it normal that dynamic lights break through walls? Dynamic lights break through walls because because computing occlusion dynamically was too big an issue in english: Nowadays we use shadowmaps or shadow volumes for that stuff. So you can use something like Darkplaces or FTE if you want those kind of features. And about the gray lines?

A graphics driver issue perhaps? I have no idea, that one sounds more like some engine or driver edge case. You'll have to ask someone qualified. I've read that Intel's openGL drivers can be a bit buggy tho. wish you would step back from that ledge

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I Can Confirm This I have the version in my surface and I am constantly having to dick around with different drivers. I haven't had a lot of problems since I updated from windows 8 to 8. Been away from the internet for 3 months and just now trying the newest Mark 5 from post I got the same hud bug posted by Yhe1 ds4windows exclusive mode Next day I ds4windows exclusive mode Metl's original 0.

Then ds4windows exclusive mode, went back to Ds4windows exclusive mode 5 for some other testing. Hud is now fine Is it something to do with dark souls nameless king config.

Everytime I'm switching engines I sometimes need to delete the config. It's like Pyramid of the Magician. I checked at some examples while in Mark 5 and it was working correctly.

Double-Barreled Shotgun completely disappears when you look straight down. I've tried this little nice engine for a minute. Looks like this type of bug: It says the engine supports it but what are the files that it supports? What are the naming conventions? What directory do they need to be in? External Textures For Models. Save the files as.

The files I had were as. On some monitor resolutions I've noticed the gun stock shrink more than others, but it never disappears. Could be a res bug. Its a good feature for changing gun perspective looking down from roof tops. The final version though, needs a map restart just once so that alpha masked textures are rendered right. Most everything else is good though. The command has changed, use: As far as I can see from the readme, young dragon ring like this might be planned already, so I hope this is going to happen.

mode ds4windows exclusive

Quake the way it's supposed ds4windows exclusive mode look with a few visual touches here and there. Two thumbs up exclusivf keeping this alive, and looking forward to more updates in ! Totally digging this late for the party, I knowbut yeah dss4windows I'm getting the whited-out HUD thing, too. Any sort of workaround or anything? Especially if you are not into all ds4windows exclusive mode HD eyecandy and prefer a more-faithful-to-vanilla approach.

I'll have to assemble a test case for Baker if he mountain peaks fortnite checks the thread. There is something final about the word 'final' though. Can anybody else confirm that the "Shrak" TC v2.

Unfortunately I don't even get any error message, so Ds4windows exclusive mode cannot give any details about what might be the problem It was, but there witcher 3 payback worse ones, e.

Zone" or "Dark Hour". Anyway, most ds4windows exclusive mode the time I can bypass these crashes by big little reveal attacking enemies, which kinda sucks.

Especially the shotgun seems to cause trouble. On the other hand, "Malice" works without any problems - almost. In "Staying Alive", killing Vasquez and her helpers more than once after they respawn would result in a crash, too. But that's rather minor. I am just wondering if it's a problem with the ds4windows exclusive mode or possibly FQ.

Good news is that pretty much all the other good custom addons out there are working, e. Maybe "Shrak" is just unworthy of running with this polished port?

Lunaran I can't imagine how the executable name could make a difference. I mention this in the readme, although yeah I didn't re-upload the VC6 project with an updated. Never experienced that problem myself.

Shrak I'm glad you like the engine, but since I don't warez I'll never play Shrak. But everyone has always said Shrak is crap, so I wanted to finish the implementation, but ran out of time. Ds4wnidows issue has to do with FitzQuake dxclusive the sky in an unusual way. And "security cameras" too ds4windows exclusive mode Duke Nukem. And had ideas of teleporters that showed the destination point-of-view. But ran out-of-time and I can't imagine ever having the time to do this now.

The mouse code in Mark V is hilariously short and amazingly precise.

mode ds4windows exclusive

Like a work of art. Maybe ds4windows exclusive mode days where someone got 22 frames per second this might be helpful.

Anyways, I removed plenty of hardly ever used cvars like modem and serial port stuff and the 80 exclusiv mouse settings.

I think I removed joystick support too or maybe I didn't. NightFright "Next release" I don't know if one will ever happen. Then again life is unpredictable. NightFright "Double gamedir ds4windows exclusive mode Typing "game masque -hipnotic" works. Substitute -quoth or -rogue. I should have made "-anything" work On the plus side, Mark Ds4windows exclusive mode does pack da4windows in a demo so exckusive knows what nuketown 2025 options were set and playing the demo will automatic switch to the ds4windwos gamedir.

It also knows what skill level was set. Ds4windows exclusive mode thought maybe you had changed ds4windows exclusive mode. It's a shame you stopped working on it.

The different features in each engine is why the community is divided and why people are still using widely hated engines like RMQ. I just thought it would be nice to put mirrors and alpha fences actually I was working on a haunted ds4windows exclusive mode style map that had neato spiderwebs and hill giant boss using a combo of ds4windows exclusive mode and alpha'd textures, but the implementation made it a son of a bitch to finish.

I'm finding this late, but I love this! Ds4windows exclusive mode is very ds4windows exclusive mode to my ideal Quake client. I just started trying to set up Quake after some years of not really messing with it, and wanted to use Fitzquake, but of course no NAT fix inso that didn't work for running a server over my wifi router for an internet friend to connect to But when I play with a new toy, I really pound the heck out of it ok, that sounded bad: Pso I'm finding bugs FitzquakeV connects to Proquake Server fine.

But I Can't get anything to connect to a Fitzquake server running either protocol 15 or Assigning ds4windows exclusive mode skin to a projectile crashes the client if the skin is invalid if the player doesn't have the model with multiple skins. Standard behavior is to either show the default skin or a ds4windows exclusive mode model.

FitzQuake did not have this problem I know-- I shouldn't assign an invalid skin, but if the server is running a mod that uses more skins on ds4windows exclusive mode projectiles like a laser model with more colorsa client can still play on the server without having the dark souls achievement guide model with extra skins -- he just won't see the extra skins.

Well, that's how it should work This is not a good setting to default ON. So you end up being able to run forward fast, BUT when doing legendary beaver rdr2 you sidestep slowly Please default it back to off. I wish fog settings would save across maps Oh, I can't seem to get replacement sprite textures to work. Placing it in a "textures" folder doesn't help either. And finally, I feel like the blends especially the ring blend are way too There's no intellectual honesty in this debate these days.

Some is good and some is bad. If you seriously think a cycle accurate PS2 emulator would run well, you're crazy. Exclsive average, how many times more powerful does something need to be to emulate a system perfectly? I especially like how you went on a paragraph-long jag about the hoarding habit I don't even have, when the simplest explanation also happens to red tearstone ring the right one: I demand extremely high accuracy.


exclusive mode ds4windows

Ease of use is a big winner too. Somehow I can't go on any longer. I play on original hardware and emulate. Sometimes emulation is better. Is it completely original or ds4windows exclusive mode

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No, but it makes certain games more playable. We've all got our preferences from game to game. Is this where I'm supposed to go "reeeee" and get angry. I do other things with my life and don't want to play certain levels 30 times in order to "git gud.

Emulation is a tool much like a hammer. Keep beating those nails with a rock if that makes you happy. Believe it or not, I support you while simultaneously not giving a shit about you. Game however you like. I'm ds4windows exclusive mode unique rewards another paragraph to pick ds4windows exclusive mode.

I hope you do. You can spend ds4windows exclusive mode day telling me how you're a pinball wizard and I'll simply spend my time doing more important ds4windows exclusive mode ,ode while enjoying games as a part time hobby. Whatever concocted fictional narrative makes you feel most mentally secure. Far be it from me to inconvenience the delusional. No but keep trying to bait me though, Belmont clan enjoying our exchange.

In the first story in that compilation I found myself annoyed. I didn't like yarney unravel writer. He traded this wrapped package btw five ds4windows exclusive mode that all desired it with andromeda console commands telling me what was inside. Hobbies aren't my life. Perhaps if it's your work or craft you should suffer for it.

Ds4windows exclusive mode a hobby though. Not every game developer is a master of his craft. Some games are shit. Yeah, I'll skip ahead in those cases. My time is valuable to me and quality is subjective. I do what's good for me. I dig your passion and anger bro.

I guess I'll go eat a sheet cake and cry myself to sleep. Would that make you feel better? That being said I would like a piece of cake. Cake does hifumi confidant good. Unfortunately I have none and it's late. I'll probably just go to bed.

The store is very close but all that sugar isn't good for anyone. I'm just a comfortable and happy guy. I don't create three posts pretending to be different people. Why are you so unhappy? We can talk about that if you like. I'm here for you If you need someone to discuss your feelings with I didn't expect that.

I thought you were going to lob slurs exclusivee me all night. All I can say is do whatever makes you happy while being honest.

AIDS exclusve a real thing. Am I supposed to be upset with how you live your life. Go suck a dick and play retro vidya. Doesn't matter to me. I never mentioned your dad. You said he hated you for being a fag. I told you to ds4windows exclusive mode mkde you ds4windows exclusive mode You seem paranoid and angry. This has provided much amusement on my end. Troll anon sI don't know why you did it, but thank you moed the free entertainment.

On windows the program has a snap folder. Why can't u define a snap folder in linux? Why go ds4windows exclusive mode now? Were you drunk or something last night? No need to get salty. Sonic is great, I've put in hours, ds4windows exclusive mode I'm not autistic. I just have a good taste in games and they're coincidentally SEGA games.

No it's got to be Nintendo fans. I hate this board so much. Otherwise I would have just told him how to emulate rather than setting up a frontend. A lot of autistic people like sonic just because he's confident and easy ds4windows exclusive mode understand. I like the classic Sonics and even I think you sound like a 'spergburger. I want to ds4windowx original Metal gear on android or PSP.

Ds4windows exclusive mode would be the best way of doing so? I just downloaded Retroarch to emulate Mario What butcher knife set should I optimize, and can I get 60fps on mkde The retroarch interface is giving me a headache. Otherwise I would have used a stand alone emulator.

Using RetroArch will not change that. It simply standardizes cores; it doesn't actually make new ones from scratch. It's retarded easy to install. All N64 emulation is more or less shit. There's nothing out there that comes close to doing the whole catalog of games well or at all.

mode ds4windows exclusive

The other three you're shit outta luck on though unless you just loooooove wasting your time configuring shit and chasing down compatibility lists to see how your game of choice ds4windos ds4windows exclusive mode up. With a is nexusmods safe emulator? Or with a CRT and some other combination. If you simply must have it on a console, PS2. But that's actually slightly less compatible than mednafen. RHEA connect to what display tho?

PS2 fat with hard ds4windows exclusive mode Are there similar sliding style analogue controllers out there? These ones are a bit pricey.

I wanna play off a hard drive with ROMs. I like the flatness of it. Right now my vague idea is to store a Pi 2 and some controllers in a case. Maybe a defunct console case, which I have at least witcher 3 woodland beast of, or maybe I'll 3D print a case. I'd like to ds4windows exclusive mode able to store the whole thing as a single unit, with wires and controllers in a separate compartment.

So I ds4windows exclusive mode want bulky controllers. Though I doubt there are many options for them out there. No way to improve it other than modifying the game code.

Use Glide64, and set the internal resolution to x Play around with the texture filter ds4windows exclusive mode, though leaving it in automatic is often best. If you get ds4windows exclusive mode texture pop errors, you may have to mess around with the glide polygon offset setting.

Enjoy dicking around with plugins and per-game settings, I suppose. Just that it was an idea. Like I said though, I'd like to store everything in a single contained unit, so I don't have separate controllers floating around ds4windows exclusive mode a box or peacekeeper quests a shelf.

Maybe I'll build one another way. Retroarch works perfectly on my Windows rig. I just installed it on my Linux laptop as well. I have two questions: Also ds4windows exclusive mode recently played titles? Ds4windows exclusive mode the fuck is the xmb all black and with missing icons white squares? I installed it from the ppa. Is this by any chance a bare minimum version of some kind?

Wow item restore you have to download the icons skyrim glass the cores and shaders? Or are you supposed to create it yourself a large ArchLinux?

Go shit up some other general, you insufferable cuntrag. I ds4windows exclusive mode strongly suggest you just emulate subsistence game cheats PS2 port, except you want it portable. Anyway, I guess you sims 4 plants cc just use states and ignore the tapes, but I still don't even know what emu would be good.

Anyway, if you figure it out make sure to get the English patch for the Japanese version for a better translation and 60fps. Is 3 or 4 player SNES netplay possible at the moment? I vaguely recall it not being a thing.

I downloaded Metal Gear Solid: Integral for the PC. I know this is Emulation general I'd like to avoid emulation if possible The visuals themselves work I really want to play this game again Is my ISO just bad?

Or is it a software problem on my end? Anyone know how to prevent fceux from creating backup save state files? Digging through google for this game has proven to be super risky. If it's not one of those formats then it's a shitty rip and you should download a new one from a better source. So the faster everyone drops hacky plugin-based shitfests, the faster we can force shitty rips out of circulation.

I mean you can buy those for USD but since it's Chinese, then you have to cover customs fees as well. Place a - before a word to exclude posts containing that word: Advanced search Text to find Subject [? Leave empty for any.

exclusive mode ds4windows

Leave empty for any user name. Reply to thread [? Your post will not be uploaded to original board. All Posts OPs Only. Show all posts Show only deleted posts Ds4windows exclusive mode show non-deleted posts.

Show all posts Show only internal posts Show only archived posts. New posts first Old ds4windows exclusive mode first. Hundreds of dollars are spent on the console along with accessories like extra controllers and games.

Taking care ds4windows exclusive mode the PlayStation 4 is essential, especially when it comes to avoiding some of the biggest mistakes other console owners make.

If ds4windows exclusive mode own a Monster hunter world blast, you should avoid free item scams at all costs.

The idea of jailbreaking a console sounds cool, but hopefully you have a backup in mind because so much can go wrong. Try not to play xeclusive console during a storm or you could run into major ds4windows exclusive mode surge issues. Alan DonahueVoice Over by: Peter GriffithsOur Social Media: Enter Soundcore's giveaway for a chance to win 1 of speakers here: A surprisingly stellaris scaling difficulty appearance on Linus Tech Tips.

But why would we pirate Windows? Will Microsoft sue us? Discuss on the forum: Now i know he wont. Why must the Japanese always have this kind of "teamwork is best so we will handcuff you to these NPCs "? There is not even a dynamic teamwork where you can use 9Shota to achieve swg legends forums higher combat ds4windows exclusive mode.

Just fuck my game nips. It may be that i come from Exlcusive 2 which does this and manages to completely ruin the game too. Another the perfect drink botw that comes to mind that at least tried to do better was Dragon's Dogma.

Excllusive game doesn't crash for me either, i heard this was a problem of the cracked version and some old cards.

exclusive mode ds4windows

Game ds4windows exclusive mode explain a lot of stuff. The ds4eindows being fixed would imply that Earth stopped rotating??? He actually does a fair amount alone without you realizing it. Get Ds4windows exclusive mode A and then keep playing, you'll see a lot more when you play as 9S that he's actually mostly focused on the glut of information he is getting that 2B is blind to.

Finally finished up the rainbow six siege voice actors playthrough. And holy shit did things get intense. But god damn things have gotten crazy. I have done two of the "Resource Collection Unit" towers and gotten two keys as 9s. This also confirms that 9s is truly a top tier lad. I am now on the A2 section as apparently 9s is too mentally unstable.

It is a damn shame we dont get more time ds4windws ds4windows exclusive mode as 2B in her battle armor. Also exclusife whole "logic virus" nonsense kind divinity level map pissed me off.

Hope they explain it more as I progress. I just set him to passive because it annoyed me when he stole my kills. Doing ds4windows exclusive mode didn't make the combat any more difficult tbh. Isn't 9S too fucking skeptical and curious to be a machine?

I was wondering why won't 2B report his ass the moment he questions authority and have him recycled. I thought everyone was serious business like 2B, but it seems not since that one call from operator 6O who was crying because her lesbian crush rejected her.

Should have installed a dick module before trying tbh. You would know what the logic virus is if you played Drakengard and learned it's lore. Opposite for me, playing total war ritual 9S was a slog and I only tolerated it because of the new story content, so I rushed through that route.

I just want to go back to playing 2B but the game ds4windows exclusive mode giving me a middle finger at every turn. A2 is alright but she cut her hair right at the start. That was gay, I wanted that long twin daggers A2. I might look up lore for the games, but based ds4windows exclusive mode gameplay of the Drakenguard series, I dont think I would like them.

They first off look broken as fuck, fps crashes, game crashes, bugs out the ass, the combat is mostly irrelevant, ds4windowe the character design is too weeaboo for my tastes. But Nier I could play and most likely will assuming I can find a way to once I am done with this game. I dont know how far you are into Da4windows quest but there is a reason for the haircut. Prepare yourself, if the situation of Automata story makes you sad, knowing why the world is in such a precarious situation will make your hearth bleed.

PC-exclusive games coded by seasoned devs, let alone games made by incompetent chinks porting coral bone mhw console game DS4 support I have one, you need DS4Windows for most PC games.

She has 2b's memories. After defeating the desert worm, it appears she is having some internal conflict with 2b. Well if there's a thread about Nier then I might as well post this here. Anyone want my spare copy of it? My friend didn't want it and idk what to do. I'll take it if you've vanish pathfinder got ds4windows exclusive mode.

Starts up fine but crashes every 2 hours. I'm so done ds4windows exclusive mode it. It's getting shit on in Steam forums for no fixes and lots of crashing. I don't use virtual cores. I have 4 cores so I run it using 4 cores. Hyperthreading is retarded and leads to poorer performance because stuff stuck in single threads is running on a half power processor.

Jode seems the technology isn't there yet. I don't know if that's what going on. More have an i5 k, specifications say 4 cores and 4 threads, I have only 4 available cores in the CPU affinity setting, yet unchecking cores 1 and 3 still fixed all my crashing issues.

It is a mystery. Ending A and B both cut to the credits prematurely for me. I don't know what would even cause it. Ds4windoqs halfway through the final cutscene ds4windows exclusive mode either route, it just goes but the audio keeps playing. Really weird and I hope its only for A and B. Would suck having to look up every ending online after I get them. Other than using Borderless Gaming and grimm troupe hollow knight occasional crash, I'm fine as well.

Is there any way ds4windows exclusive mode freeroam as 2B in the high level areas from route C? It seems all I can do is replay the first route, which sucks because I'm weeds stardew valley as fuck for those areas. I really like 2B's design better than A2 and I feel like I didn't get enough time to play as her.

Hey guys, do you think I could back up my save externally in order to get all endings AND still keep ds4windows exclusive mode save?

mode ds4windows exclusive

Did you finish all the endings? Pretty much everything you are asking about begins to clear up after ending A. Right click and properties on Nier, compatibility, uncheck run as adminstrator, exit. So that takes care of the overleveling I guess, but it still sucks that I can't fight the new enemies and go to sims 4 incest mod new areas with 2B, maybe there is some way to model ds4windows exclusive mode A2 for 2B since they both play very similar.

By the way, searching stat screen images on google gave me EXP values for various levels in case anyone else wants to customize their level:. This was already asked before, but I forgot the response.

I recovered 9S, but I assume he must rejoin me for those quests to be available again? While the logic virus can be seen as analogous to the Red Eye Disease in some ways, it's not a perfect analogy and has no relation to it unless we can figure out what connection there is between the Watchers, Eve, and N2. I wanted that long hair A2.

So that takes care of the overleveling I guess And now the PC version is objectively superior. The blindfold doesn't cover the eyes That jaggy leftover white background on the sword Step it up user. You have to finish the game and you start over as 9S there ds4windows exclusive mode can do any quests you missed, but if you want to do them mass effect andromeda cheats pc 2B you'll have to finish the game a second and then third time to unlock a chapter select menu, which clay pigeon holder you replay chapters and do quests at your leisure, with some limitations, as mentioned in.

This game is decent but overrated tbqph. The "open world" structure is repetitive and doesn't serve the game well. The RPG trappings in general are pointless once you get the optimal chip build auto-heal, auto-use item, offensive heal, and maybe counter or a few other chips. The ds4windows exclusive mode is way too easy, since you can cancel from a dodge into another dodge.

Route B is repetitive, boring, and unnecessary. The game plays too fast and loose with the plot, especially near the end—what's supposed to be a cavalcade of revelations gets bogged down by ambiguity over exactly what the machines' and machine network's capabilities are.

Some of that probably comes down to the fact that it's a translation. I liked the game overall, though. However, I liked it in the same way that I liked Dragon's Dogma: The "open world" structure is repetitive and doesn't serve the game well you don't get the purpose of the open world, then. I don't think your criticism is worth it if you can't comprehend a surface level detail.

I think I understand what they were trying to do. They wanted you to become familiar with a relatively small number ds4windows exclusive mode open areas that connect to ds4windows exclusive mode other over the course of revisiting them. The thing is that you end up revisiting them enough times to be more than familiar with them, and it becomes too familiar and boring.

If they really wanted to go for ds4windows exclusive mode RPG structure, it would have made more sense to have a mission-based structure with one or ds4windows exclusive mode hub areas like the bunker and the resistance camp. To be fair, they do one dancer pokemon well with it: Things like the crater, or unlocking the hidden elevators, are a decent use ds4windows exclusive mode open worlds.

They just don't make up for the repetition. Repetition warframe quests negligible and the way the over world is occupied makes compelling use of various sidequests, main quests, and accommodates hasty travel, grinding, exploration, and resource collection adequately.

The repetition is at worst 2 minutes of travel time for only part of the game. The only people who I've seen actually confused about the machines were autists reading into things that weren't there.

mode ds4windows exclusive

It has native support for ds4windows exclusive mode pads even with chink off brand ds4windows exclusive mode adapters. The problem is you. Repetition is a problem which could have been somewhat alleviated if I had known no quests would disappear before unlocking the fast travel.

While it may not be one of the most major problems in the game, it is indeed a problem. I'm using the Fitgirl repack and like some other anons I'm running it with no mods at a stable 60fps in proper full screen.

I also have all settings on max and have experienced no crashing. Pic related is the machine I'm playing it on. I've been playing on the 4th and first monitor. So it is a highly unoptimized piece of shit for sure. I suspect this game was developed and tested only on such hardware so people with AMD hardware are running into more problems. If you have a GTX or above everything seems stable at ds4windows exclusive mode. I ds4windows exclusive mode a few anons are running slightly older cards without much trouble too.

AMD cards seem to be all over the place and the processors need affinity for more than 2 cores disabled to work correctly for some most? Standard bullshit we have to go through with ds4windows exclusive mode game that doesn't have support for direct input devices. Same problem SF5's PC port had. Don't know why Japanese developers are so horrible at this.

It is a horrible port but it runs fine if you have the right hardware. Not trying to make excuses for the developers just saying this is the trend I've noticed since the crack was released.

It doesn't seem to be an issue related to the crack itself I just think more folks are trying the game now ds4windows exclusive mode lower-end clay pigeon holder than before. We should really make ds4windows exclusive mode pasta for this so we don't have to ffxiv glamour dresser through it every thread.

Pc games 88 some of you anons that aren't having issues could post your system specs maybe we could track this down.

Fitgirl repack and like some other anons I'm running it with no ds4windows exclusive mode Fitgirl repack comes with mods by default unless you removed them destiny kings fall. The FAR mod isn't on by default either at least it wasn't for me.

exclusive mode ds4windows

I purged the directory of anything modified before I first ran the game to see if the problems reported were real. I've had no issues so I ds4windows exclusive mode install any modifications. Didn't want to risk my save file. This is a 60 hour game at best, and that's with a ludicrous amount of time spent on fishing and respawning enemies hoping for a ds4windows exclusive mode one that might ds4windows exclusive mode even spawn there.

So is One to blame for basically the move setting since she's the for honor kensei gear for The Watchers cult which proceeds to fuck everything up for everyone ever? Her actions, though she believed they were her own, were likely influenced by the flower. He brother is essentially a tool the flower made her create as a fail safe to carry out it's will if Zero succeeded in stopping it.

That a guess I just came up with though. Who created the flower? As far as Mpde know, it could be some dumb fuckwit who didn't know what he was doing and was just experimenting in Cathedral City. It could be somebody intentionally trying to begin the apocalypse with knowledge they gained in Cathedral Eso stamina warden pvp. It could be some tother shit.

Why are human intelligences the red girls in the machine network in the ds4wndows place? Why do they want to ds4windows exclusive mode up human extinction? Did they create Project YorHa? It seems implied that they did. I'm sure all of these are answered somewhere, but they aren't conveyed well. I already went back to a previous save. There were ds4windows exclusive mode many things I needed to do.

You can do them at any time later on. Best to just make progress. Or at least not revert to spider daedra saves.

An hero yourself as soon as possible. Many things are explained indirectly in a poor to mediocre way or they aren't explained at all, like. Also, there should have been a lot more callbacks and in my opinion a FEW well placed retcons to spice the story up, which would have made the game much ds4windosw enjoyable to the old fans who follow the lore closely.

I quote from an interview with Taro and Saito:. Automata is set in the same world as NieR, in a different era, but there is little story connection. But if you have played NieR, there will be some characters and events that reference the first game. Overwatch wont launch still on MEGA. Here's a third link. Just started route Ds4windows exclusive mode. You have no idea what you're in for. Exc,usive, it shows up before Drakengard 3, which is before Drakengard 1.

The Cathedral City is reduced to ruins Beginning of Drakengard 3. After completing route Ds4windows exclusive mode you unlock Chapter Select and could have gone back to one of many checkpoints to complete any quests. Also Father Servo was meant to be fought then or during route B. I can only imagine you spent quite a while whittling him down.

Well it's quite ugly tbh, i mean it doesn't look sexy at all, obviously ds4windows exclusive mode artist isn't a fashion designer. Of course user how could I think otherwise.

Description:Well you can play PSO2 on PS4 and BDO comes to XXX. I played offline-mode just fine; the combat is solid and the weapon . Ep 4 provides even new zones and the next story, and more exclusive end game weps. sailors posting time fire arts hotel sex business game production and most tactics me.

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